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"In the past I have gotten different items for a spur in the heel, but never have I had anything to compare to your product. It is the best."
Mrs. M.U.
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I had much trouble with heel spurs. Since I started using your wonderful product, I am really swinging again."
Dayton, IN

"Your wonderful product has made spur surgery unnecessary on both heels. Thank you for a blessed item."
Mrs. L.G.
Lighthouse, FL

"I have a bone spur on my heel and these little cushions made a tremendous difference in my life. Please keep making them!"
Mrs. J.B.T.
Bethesda, MD

"These are great! That delightful relief is priceless. Delivery was great also."
Mrs. B.V.N.
Bayfield, CO

"I can't praise Cushi-Heel Pillows enough. It's such a relief to be free from pain without surgery or medication."
Mrs. C.J.C.
Jidgerton, WI

"My heels were so bad I had to have shots of cortisone in my heels. After two weeks with Cushi-Heel Pillows, I had no discomfort whatsoever."
Rev. O.J.R.
Evansville, IN

"Hey, these are just about the greatest! I can enjoy walking my dog and walking to Bronco games, plus walking 18 holes of golf."
Mr. E.F.
Denver, CO